The One that sees Another

April 24, 2018

My roots hugging soil beneath my feet

Yet not even a single particle is lesser than me

My branches reaching up to the sky

Yet all that glorious light is already in my reach

Holding space for each breath

I look within and meet the eyes of the unchanging One

The ageless One that is with no condition

That force behind my breath

The all-pervading one that knows the song of silence

And the secret ingredient of peace

The One who reminds me of simple joys
Breaks free to be wild

And loves with no reason


Who am I talking about?


What you see from outside

Is the aging body

Desires and fears

Pains and pleasures

Colors of the rainbow weaving the stories of my life

You see the One that has been hurt and cared for

The One who lives in the world of perceptions

The One who with her ever-changing nature

is equally as loved as the unchanging One


If you look at me without looking for what you want to see

And allow yourself to sink into my eyes

Be held by my presence

And seen by my heart

The essence is revealed

Us reflecting each other as One


From this place of discernment

I decide where in (or as) these forces I want to live

From where I want to see this world

And who I actually want to embody

The keys are in my hands

The door has been shown

There is no greater wisdom than to learn to be my Self

Or rather, to unlearn to not be my Self. 


Photo credit: Rolando Moralez Perez 


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