The Space Between

February 23, 2018

In this fleeing moment of existence I am wondering...

 What if you suddenly knew that you were to die tonight?


Would you sigh out in dullness

Or hold each moment as you would a lover?

Would you spit out inner bitterness

Or drink in the vibrant life force?

Would you count your minutes

Or your breaths?


Would it change the way that you look at the beauty of earthly creation

And feel about your own body?

Would you take in the shapes and textures more fully bathing in the color show Painted by each moment?

Would it change the way you feel about conflicts and challenges?

Would you come into peace with all of it

Right now with this breath?


Would it shift your perception of your own reflection in mirror?

Would you ask who am I anyway

And who am I not?

Would you finally stop taking absolutely anything personally?

Would you micro-judge those around you

Or would you dive into their eyes and meet their pure essence?


Would it make you laugh or cry

Or both at the same time?

Would it make you quiet or loud?

Would you hear the subtle primordial symphony inside your cells?


Would you be fully satisfied with what you have

Or crave for more?

Would it make you think all that you didn’t achieve

Or celebrate all that you did become aware of?

Would it take you to dwell in past

Or invite you to rest in presence?

Would you rewrite the stories of your life?

Would you see the perfection embodied in imperfection?

Would you be alone or together?


Would it make you more aware of the perfect cycle of giving and receiving

Within each breath?

Would it let you to tap into that space between the flesh and the spirit –

That space where the matter and ether make pure infinite love?

Would you let your Self to live the life that wants to live you?

Would it feel like the ending or beginning?




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