Eternal Breath

July 24, 2017

Feel your sitz bones and grow tall through your spine

Drop your shoulders down and back

Melt your shoulders open 

Allow your heart center to smile wide

Relax your belly

Relax your hip

Relax your jaw

Soften your eyes

Take a deep breath

Be here


Breath in

Breath out


Inhale to uplift your energy

received from the Mother Earth

Allow it to travel up through your spine

The snakes are unleashed

Exhale to ground your energy

Give back, give back

Notice the journey down in front of the body

Offer your very being back to the land

From dust to dust


Inhale to come alive


How can I be more alive today?

What makes my heart expand?

What is it that puts my soul on fire?

Exhale to die

What can I let go of today?

How can I die in this moment?

What is not serving my purpose anymore?


Inhale collaboration

Divine partnerships

Your tribal family

Laughter and joy

of dancing this life together into creation

Exhale aloneness

Divine wholeness within

Inner peace and stillness reminding that you are

always alone

yet never alone.


Inhale to move!

Enjoy the flow

directed by your thoughts

Dance with it

the rhythm of your heart

Decorate your being with beauty

and pure intentions

What am I here to do?

Who am I here to be?

Exhale to merge into stillness

Allow the silence

Forget who you think you are

Strip your mind naked

of all ideas, expectations and perceptions.


Inhale to take action!

Will your Self to be

Dare to take steps

Aim your arrow higher

Smell the courage dwelling in your heart

Exhale to surrender

Let go of your efforts

Sit back

Listen and wait

With great patience.

Let it all be.


Inhale to stand up for yourself

your needs and rights

your birthright to live in love

in each moment

to follow your bliss

Exhale to recognize all that you have been given

throughout your life

Give thanks and praise

Give recognition to your achievements

Like they would be someone’s else.


Inhale abundance

In its varied forms of everything

You have all that you ever need

right here

Enjoy the pleasures of life

small and great ones

Exhale emptiness

in its rawness

Experience nothing

No-thing at all

Hold space for challenges

Let yourself to grow from the lessons

You own nothing in this life

Non of it is yours

It only flows through you.


Inhale to notice the world around you

Notice ALL of it

Observe with no judgments of what you see

Notice any feelings that it awakens

Hold space

Exhale to accept

all that you witness around you





Inhale life force to your dreams

Fill your visions with eternal light

See them to come alive

manifest into being

Exhale let go of all your dreams

Empty your mind of visions

Hand them to the Great Spirit

of thousands of names

Trust that it is all so guided now

by your inner Creator.


Between this divine dance

Between here and there

This and that

Notice the precious gift of life

The quiet moment after every exhale

And before the next inhale

Dive there

And humble yourself to experience its power

The pure potential of eternal one

Beyond time and space

Your highest Self

Super consciousness

Nothing and everything

Formless existence

Pregnant of unlimited opportunities

Something that I call

Unconditional love.


It is available for you right there

In the space between each breath

Offer your presence to it

Offer your Self to life.





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