In La Kesh

April 19, 2017

I wish to be met wholly

When you walk into my life

Maybe just for a moment

Or maybe for a lifetime


I wish you to meet me fully

Not just my personality

My deeds

My words

My appearance

I wish you to meet my eyes

My cells

My heart center

My dreams

My fears

My flaws

My womb wisdom

My very soul

That is just a reflection of yours


I wish you to meet my inner warrior

My inner goddess


And indigenous soul

My inner refugee

Medicine woman


And my inner child

I wish you to meet my inner lover

My Self


I wish you to meet my shadow

Just as you meet the brightness of my smile 


Do I meet people with my heart

Or with my mind?

Mind alone can only see the surface

Why wouldn’t I look deeper?

Do I fear something?

Maybe I see something that I don’t want to see

Maybe the mirror that I might face is too honest

The more I meet people only with my personality

The more I invite superficiality to my life

The more I meet people with my heart

At home, on the street, wherever

The more I invite compassion into my life

The more I feel deeply understood

The more all the suppressed feelings come out

As I feel that I am heard

Without saying a single word


How beautiful it is to enter into a room

Where felt kindness

Has changed the energy of the space

How easy it is to open mouth and guide the words out

When I already feel that I am met with heart

I am understood deeply

With no need to explain where I come from with my thoughts

Without a need to flatter anyone

Owning the trust

That I am that I am

And it is enough

Bowing for the truth

That you are that you are

And it is enough


Meeting you with my heart

All that you have ever done

Is forgiven

And the space is held for a rebirth

With every breath

All the support you ever needed

Is right here

All the love that was lacking in your creation

Is being restored


In La Kesh

Means in Mayan “I am another you.”

Just as Namaste

Is a recognition of the divine within another person

I see You

And I wish You to see Me

Whoever I am for you

And whoever I am not.





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