Someone Who Has Never Left

March 28, 2017

Dear Universe,

I am willing to give it all away
As non of it is really mine
And all of it is actually me already
So it has always been
I am sorry for trying to hold on too tight 
In those moments of fear
Like I would be scared or something 
For letting go
Like I would not trust you 
Wholly, fully and completely
Like I would be lacking something
Like I would not have it all already
I receive forgiveness from myself
for each and everything 
that has ever made me feel sorry in any way
or curl up in pain acting like a victim
I allow it to be restored 
by gratitude
and love 
that is true unconditionally
And then I witness how nothing
Is replaced by nothing 
But how all of it exists as one
Someone who has never left
Can never return
So I forgive myself all those attempts of trying to be
instead of just being
Being beautiful 
Being free
Being whole
being the trust itself
Oh so simple, so clear
To see silence in storm
Peace in disagreement
and harmony in chaos
Leaving nothing outside
of this perfect web of life
I open myself to love.




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