October 15, 2016

“In a world where so much beauty surrounds us, do we have the eyes and ears to see and hear? The ability to be touched by the world, the desire to breath in our world, the willingness to open our hearts to what sources us from inside out.”

-Walter ‘Shantree’ Kacera-


How sensually do I dare to live?

How fully do I absorb the life?

Do I experience the moments with all my senses?


I am observing in the forest and seeing how passionate all of life is out there.

Every moment, trees are giving their very best to live fully.

Mushrooms taking advantage of one rainy day

pushing their way up through moss.

Birds and insects flying passionate about staying alive.

Nature stretching Her limits,

vital, sensual, expressive.

What makes me any different?


Nourishment comes from so many sources,

acknowledging it all puts me to sit down for a moment and listen.

Not only am I privileged to eat nutrient rich organic food

and drink pure spring water

but also live in community with people who loves unconditionally.

Dancing and singing in kitchen when preparing breakfast,

wondering around in surrounding forests,

swimming in a cold lake water

to purify inside out

and feel the life force in its maximum potential.

Laughing from the bottom of my heart

in the moment of challenging situation.

Holding hands, creating circles,

 sharing my time and space for collective good.

Cleansing my body and soul in sauna,

sitting by the fire,

falling asleep under the northern lights.

And I understand that all of it

is a reflection from my inner state right now.

Colorful, harmonious, sensual.


Allow time for yourself

to rest

to dream

to create

to feel

with all your senses.


Fulfill your bodily needs

to create the most sacred temple

for your life passion to live in.

Be nourished by the closest people around you,

touch and receive touch,

love and surrender to be loved,

give and receive from your community,

show that you care

with all your senses.


Dare to be sensual and passionate,

express yourself with all the colors of your being.

Do art, move, sing,

anything that makes your thirst of life satisfied!


Nourish yourself spiritually

whatever it means to you.

Allow the purest form of your Self to shine through.

Show them who you are.


Merge yourself into your daily ordinariness!

As you taste, hear, see, feel, smell

and experience the life with all your senses

There is no need for drugs,

food addictions,

mindless consuming of social media,

self doubt,

superficial relationships,

or other aspects of life that cause numbness and

 hiding your pure awesomeness behind excuses.

You are a highly sensible unlimited being

that is not depended on any of the things above

to live and love fully.


Come to realize that all the beauty that you see

is a reflection of your inner beauty.

All the moments of laugher and joy

are reminders of your inner passion.

All the love and peace that you feel

is a reflection of the purest form of your Self

that patient and mature is waiting for the right moment

to burst out into full range of colors

that you’ve never seen before.

Allow it to happen.


Remember that to live healthy and

walk in balance,

 you were born here  to use all your senses.

Feel inspired by your freedom

to go out there

and make passionate love with your own life.







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