August 21, 2016

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. 

-William Arthur Ward


When we come into beginning of a new period, on the edge where you are required to take a big step forward, we tend to set intentions for our actions.  For example, when the year changes, many of us make New Years resolutions for the upcoming year. These intentions are filled with determination, faith and willpower to make a change. People literally decide to use their own willpower to grow into better direction. Just like all the animals and plants have their specialities, there is something magnificent and unique in humans as well that differs us from other natural beings: our ability imagine. What comes to New Year’s resolutions, it is all your imagination. Say you imagine a better state of health and as you have this idea of it, you can start reaching and growing in that direction. As much as I often emphasize the voice of heart and intuition, we do need also our thinking minds to create new. There is a whole universe filled with creative light in our minds called IMAGINATION!




It is easier to start working for the healthier, wealthier or happier life when you are on the edge of a new period, such a New Year or finishing studies etc. In this society controlled by time and space it is very easy to be busy and tell myself “when I am done with this project, then I have time to…”. But in fact, every day is a new year. I stopped postponing the time to make changes for my wellbeing. I understood that every day is one miniature new beginning inside that new year and every breath is a miniature new beginning inside that new day. How incredible it is to become aware that every thought and moment spent in my life is building my own reality! Moment by moment I live another experience that is part of my personal growth. It is in constant manifestation that the secret of transforming lies. There is no thought that does not manifest itself in physical form. It ALL matters!


There are few simple laws in the Universe and the one that I am referring to with imagination and manifestation is the Law of Attraction – like attracts like. There you are, a simple law of nature that you can see happening anywhere if you take a walk and observe it. Play with it! Get funky with it and see what it means to you. One example of this is to think of someone and out of “coincidence” this person calls you or runs into you. The other day I wrote with big letters on my diary that I want to make a medicine drum to step up my shamanic journeying practice, and on the way back home I met a local Mayan man who had a little workshop to make drums. The next day I walked out from that workshop with my own handmade drum. The man had been there on the same street for many days but only after setting my intention to make a drum I paid attention to him. I see what I want to see. What I see changes my life. Be wise and guide yourself to see the world around you (accepting both its beautiful and ugly sides!) in a way that supports your growth.


With bigger manifestations keep persisting. Be patient and keep believing in your dreams bringing it into your mind everyday, experiencing it with your mind's eye and thanking for it like you would have already received it. Setting the positive intention and keeping it alive actually activates it in cellular level. But you must persist and believe in it as it will test your faith to your very Self.  Do you believe that it is possible for you to your reach your dream? Remember that there is lots of magic in natural world, accomplishing quests that appeared to be impossible in the eyes of scientists, such as bee’s ability to fly, as its body is aerodynamically too large for its wings. Push your limits outside the common beliefs!


It is significant to know what is your heart’s desire and separate it from your mind’s desire. Ask questions from yourself! With multiple different questions you can dive deeper passing the foolish needs of your mind and reach the dreams that your heart truly desires. Does it really make me happy if I got a new phone/furniture/clothing or does the excitement of having a new toy to play with hide the actual need underneath it? Is my dream really to travel the world or is it telling me something about my need to run away certain issues in my life? Ask yourself why do you have certain dreams and imagine if they had already come true. How does it feel in your body? By learning to know yourself like this all the unnecessary needs that you thought you want and need start to drop off from your life being replaced by what truly guides your way toward your highest potential.


It is also important to understand that you do not see everything that is included with your manifestations. Sometimes you think that something is good for you or others but it turns out to be the opposite. Sometimes an action that seems completely bizarre to you at the moment turns out to be yours or others great benefit later on. Trust on your intuition even though it might seem foolish at the time. Manifest dreams into reality by using the power of the Highest Good (what ever it means to you). Does it serve the Highest Good? Does it have any collective benefits or is it deconstructive for others? Notice that often times manifesting dreams for personal growth and wellbeing will also benefit others through your own wellbeing. Only when you are strong enough to walk with your own feet can you lift up others. Dare to ask for yourself!


As you become an observer of your own life you will notice that intentions don’t always manifest in reality as you expected. For example, when I was living in Guatemala I put out a prayer to learn as much as possible of local medicinal herbs. For a while already I had been waiting for an opportunity to completely clean and detox my intestines and I wished for learning how to do it simply with diet and local herbs. The next week I got sick and found out that I had intestinal parasites and bacteria. It forced me very quickly and deeply to learn the local medicinal plants used for such illness and forced me to clean my intestines with completely sugar, milk product and acid free diet for 1,5 months which would have been almost mission impossible for such a big lover of cheese, honey and coffee as I am! At times, the illness took me down but as soon as I saw the connection to my manifestation I experienced it as a lesson and blessing. I know now by heart which herbs prepared in certain way and taken in right order cleanses intestines and what kind of diet is needed to do complete internal detox. As you become good in manifesting you really need to be careful for what you wish for! Open your heart and mind to receive it in any form that serves you the best.


Believe that you can create and manifest your dreams, big or small, in reality. Once you believe in it, you need to devote all of your heart and actions to support your dreams. Once you have devotion for your dreams you need to trust that everything that comes to you is serving the purpose. Once you trust completely, there is no fear. When there is no fear, there is more room for opportunities. Where there is an abundance of opportunities, there is a nutritious soil to plant the seeds for your intentions. That is the very state in your being, where the dreams are being grown. Nourish the growth with gratitude and celebrate all the little achievements on the way. When the time is right, it breaks its way into daylight of your physical reality. Then, go out there and share the fruit with others. You are a powerful creator – only your imagination sets the limits.


Last spring, after being two years without a permanent home, I started to manifest one. I imagined a beautiful home surrounded by forest and lakes, shared with my friends creating a conscious community that loves unconditionally. I dreamed of own garden and a greenhouse to grow food and herbs. I dreamed of berry bushes on our backyard. I imagined a wooden sauna that we could purify and clean our souls in. I dreamed of a fireplace, acoustic music and candlelight dinners with my community family. I imagined a space for yoga, meditation, ceremonies and treatments so that we could share the light with others. I did not even know in which country my home would be but I knew that these qualities of home would truly serve my life mission the best and so I left the decision of location for the Universe, so to say. And here I am, moving into a home in Finland EXACTLY described above. When I know what my hearts desires are, only then can I reach toward them. If I do not know exactly, then I simply trust that my heart will guide me unconsciously toward my wellbeing. I feel that I have power and control over my life and I know that at times when I feel like loosing it, the only right thing to do is to jump and trust on my wings. It is said that when birds finally had courage to fall, they were given wings.


Imagine if there was a world where people would accept and honor each other as one tribe, where everyone remembered their belonging to natural world and lived in harmony with its cycles, where greediness was less common than sharing, where ageing was honoured and not avoided, where birth and death held an equally accepted part of balance, where people could read the warning sings before it caused an illness, where plant medicine and eating wild foods was common knowledge, where everyone learned from their mistakes, knew how to forgive for themselves and others and made decisions with awareness, where people talked about challenges instead of problems, where gratitude and meditation was taught in schools and different energetic exchanges were accepted as payment instead of money, where people were not afraid of change, where happiness and beauty was not something to be searched for from outside, where everyone could experience being loved without condition just the way they are. Imagine. 



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