Conversations with Nature

July 27, 2016




Hiking in the heart of lake district – national park located in the sacral chakra of Finland. No other people around, just late night summer sun reflecting from a still lake, river singing its song nearby and white swan family sharing the melody with me. And there, in total peace and purity, I had a conversation with an old tree.


Dear Tree,


What is the secret of your long and healthy life?

How come do you offer oxygen, material and food for me without asking anything in return?

How do you produce and recycle so much without creating any pollution?

How can you function in perfect cycles without knowing what time it is?

How do you not fall even though there is such drama and storms around you?

What is your secret to accept death and mistreatment of your family?

How do you forgive it all?

How can you stay so calm even though there is chaos around you?

How do you offer shelter and home for so many beings without asking any payments for it?
How do you nourish your children, seeds, so carefully but then are able to let them go – trusting that they flow with the wind exactly where they need to?

And how do you let go of all your leaves every year not getting attached to all the material you have?

How do you share your land with so many other beings without trying to own it all?

How have you found a perfect balance between Earth and Heaven, giving out and receiving from both ways equally as much?

How can you adjust in extreme circumstances around you but stay so grounded at the same time?

Why are you not scared of death?

How have you made this complicated life so simple?


Old Tree, share with me your wisdom. I, as a human being and your sister, am willing to listen, go out there and share your teachings with my tribe. My tribe has forgotten but is willing to remember again. Yes I feel it! Humans are ready to be free.


The next day, I walked out from the forest experienced answers for all my questions, being grateful for knowing how to be a student and learn, purified by the lake water, feeling more simple and restored than I had felt for weeks and with twenty white magnificent feathers gifted by the river and the swan family. With all my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you. <3 
















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