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December 17, 2015

Everyday I am in great interaction with the outer world from the moment of getting up from bed. Everything that I do involves the interaction with the world outside of me building the pillars of my physical reality. Where I live is crucial for how I am and feel indeed but more than anything else, the way of experiencing my life is about how and what do I focus my attention to. If I concentrate on other people and how they live their lives I might very well miss a big part of mine. I want to draw my attention from the outer space to my inner universe that is calling my attention. How do I speak? How do I respond to others? What is the first thing in my mind in the morning?  How do I taste all the flavors in my mouth? What is the feeling in my heart center right now? From living the life I come to experiencing it. From doing my work I come into presence with it. From feeling loved I become the love myself. When I know how I live, I can develop my wellbeing to another level. I can practice it.


PRACTICE - It is a magic word for development and solution for all the challenges that life throws us. Really, there are no limits. I can exercise running or yoga poses but I can also practice gratitude, compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness, beauty, positivity, the list is endless. Whatever it is I can practice it, gain deeper understanding and receive growth and reward in return.


Because of the limitless world of practice I can also practice negativity, laziness, anger and fear – by accident or unconsciously. Every negative word strengthens the negativity in my life. Every moment overtaken by fear, lack of self-esteem or jealousy strengthens their role in my life. And then one of my favorites: continuous complaining! Complaining about one’s own life, someone else’s life or how the world is so twisted place is literally like exercising dissatisfaction. The more I complain, the higher I score on discontentedness. The more I judge, the more I am judged by others. The more I say “no” during the day, the more I am denied by others.


So in addition to physical elements of our lives also happiness, health and mindfulness are there to be practiced.  To reach a point when reward and benefits of my practice pours into my lap I need to make a commitment to work hard for it. As we all know, it’s about reciprocity –the more wonderful change I want to make in my life the more precious gift I need to give in return. So what could be the most expensive thing in my life? Time. It is my time that I can give for personal growth in return. It is about taking time to dive deep into each challenge, learn about it, be with it and practice every day. And just as a reminder of this, “I’m just killing time” slipped out of my mouth in a bookstore when I was waiting for someone earlier today. “Oh don’t kill the time, it’s all we’ve got.” Replied an old man behind the counter with sparkling eyes.


Now the words hard work, time and practice sound something that you don’t have time for. If your days are already filled with so much to do how can you ever get time for practice? The secret is amazingly simple – it is the way of doing all your things. The practice is to how you fold your clothes in closet. It is how you leave your shoes by the door. It is how you greet people and how you clean your house. It is how you answer on phone and sit on chair at work. It is how you carry and nourish your body. It is how you eat and listen others and water your plants. Practice is a conscious way of living. It is your lifestyle.


For me, practicing life cumulates in yoga. Yoga is not that much about doing asana practice but rather about how I put all the props back or say thank you for the teacher after the class. Rather than doing yoga, I live and experience it with every breath. In the morning, before I even get up from bed I think about all those things that I am grateful for in my life to start with a warm bed and a beautiful clean room. As a reward, my heart center is filled with joy and warmth already when I get up. I brace the sunrise. I hug the people that I live with and melt in their laps letting our breaths to connect. I take care of my body by practicing yoga asanas and breathing practices. I connect with the universal vibration by singing and meditating. I create my reality and build my future with positive affirmations. I nourish my body with cleansing drinks, herbs and food blessing them with light and love. Sometimes I eat in silence to bring my focus on all the flavors that explode in my mouth. I share a water class with my plants – we come from the same source. Throughout the day I send something good in my mind for every single person I meet, hug and touch. It might be just one word but I know it will be heard. I do my work with the highest mindfulness and concentration that I can maintain at the moment. I practice concentrating on things that I have rather than those that I don’t have. I try not to judge anyone even though it is very hard sometimes. I try to screen out all the negative words and expressions of my talk and thoughts. I read inspiring books and do art as often as I can. I dance to connect with the flow of life. I spend time in nature, soak myself into it and stop to hug a tree during my run or hike. Whatever I have on my hands, I share it with people around in a way or another. I give energy and regression sessions for people in need and take time for other spiritual practices at least once a day. I brace the sunset. I go to sleep filled with gratitude of all the miracles that happened during the day. This is my yoga practice.


Everyone has their own way to practice healthier and happier life. There are no wrong or right ways to do it. Thus, rather than wandering around looking for consciousness, abundance, wealth, health and love turn your gaze within and see what it is that you actually need. Then simply roll up your sleeves and pitch in. Practicality and mindfulness are not opposites – they are the same thing. We all are the students of the universe.


Thank you <3




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