October 13, 2015


“Rather, ten times, die in the surf, heralding the way to a new world, than stand idly on the shore.” - Florence Nightingale


The other day I cough myself talking about the way nature works and then how humans only mess up everything by disturbing the perfect cycle of ecosystems. I take it back – it is not how it goes. The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” It is a great definition, except it leaves out the connection to the natural world. What can be read between the lines is an assumption that humans are separate beings from nature. Like we would not be part of the power that flows inside every particle and constantly creates new life around us.


Recently, I spent a day concentrating only on observing my daily surroundings and how it cooperates with nature. In the end of the day I was overwhelmed. The separation was almost tangible. Also I had thought that I was already living as green and responsible way as I could in these circumstances but in the end of the day I had only one question in my mind: how can I move from the idea of independent human kingdom to interdependent communion with the natural world? I started from my toothbrush and changed it to a completely biodegradable one.


It is slowly noticed that the actions, materials and untested methods put into practice by western medical faculty together with agriculture are the biggest producers of toxic industrial chemicals such BPA, PVC and phthalates in the world. As twisted as it sounds, the way that the majority of the people are medically treated and how the food is grown makes us sick in return. By us, I mean humans and nature. Polluting and poisoning our environment we also pollute and poison ourselves. This has been learned crucial way by observing how newborn babies carry more toxins in their bodies than they could take in during the whole lifetime without some complications or disease. We are not separate from nature, we are not the King of the world, we are not the ones who decide alone what to do with all the incredible resources of Earth. We are students of nature and it is definitely a time to start doing homework!


Humans are not only messing up the ecosystems, in fact we can do a whole lot – just the way nature does it every day in spite of so many obstacles. A design for perfect and unfailing system is already existing out there, we only need to jump in the circle. Observe and respect how nature works and then mimic it in your daily life. Empower yourself and your friends. Read, listen, draw, dance, sing, watch documentaries, anything that makes you become more conscious. Dive into conversations that lifts unconscious to consciousness, dare to speak. Seek people that inspires you and get excited. Reconnect with the dog of the neighbor, hug a tree on your morning run and laugh about it afterwards. Support ecological medicine. Buy unwrapped food and at least one organic product every time you go to grocery store. I know, it is expensve yet. One by one, get rid of plastic daily items and replace them smart. Go out and pick wild food such dandelion, nettle, plantain - the more wild you eat, the more wild you get. Spend time outdoors and cover your face with leaves, wash your hands in a river or anything that you can feel connection to. Feast your eyes on the mountains and brace their beauty, feel the power you can gain from them. Take time for your spirit to breath and become quiet, inhale pure life force and exhale love. Think beautiful, be humble and respectful, show gratitude and act bountiful. In the end of the day ask yourself how did I do? Did I do my very best to care about OUR health and wellbeing today. If not, it is okay. Tomorrow is a new beginning.


And every time I look at all the plants growing strong on my windowsill, I remember it. Dying river is my dying sister. A newborn wolf pup is a newborn human baby. A nourished, cared and loved shoot of a plant is my soul on its mission to reach the light and radiate it further everyday. We are all on this together.


From my heart to your heart, Sanni




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