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September 10, 2015

Fill the whole room with your love energy was a phrase that came up on a yogi teabag this morning. Love is one of those abstract mysteries that is often tried to define in different ways to make it more understandable. But I think that love is an unexplainable energy that simply cannot be captured by words, it just is. It is free of definitions, free of authorities, free of rationality. Thus, I believe that love is the most powerful energy that exists – it creates life, joy, happiness, and faith. It can overcome all the obstacles in life and treat us with enormous healing power. With love, I can heal myself. With love, I can heal a bit of the world around me. I carry the power of love in my own hands everyday with its only mission to be spread out through my thoughts, words and actions. Love is always existing but I am in responsible of seeing it and inviting it within.


There are about 6 500 spoken languages on Earth and every single of them has a word for love. It is interesting to see how the word is used in so many different ways in different cultures. For example, in the USA expressions such love u or love it are dropped in daily basis for friends and family or when doing something fun. In Finland, one would usually only say these words for someone or something very significant. I think that saying I love might wear off over time but the actual feeling or experience won't. Thus, loving is not to be limited only to emotional connections between people or things. Love is a constructive energy that appears also in smells, sounds, food, animals, nature etc. It simply is around you. 


There is one beautiful idea that was introduced for me first through Loveability book by Robert Holden and later on by many teachers. This worldview says that there are only two ways to see the world and only two ways to react to challenges in life. These two ways are love and fear. It is often difficult to recognize that I am afraid of something and even more difficult to admit it. But facing fears is part of my path on Earth – the world is a classroom and fears and obstacles are the lessons that I learn from.  I am sure that you can recognize some of these fears in your own life: fear of physical survival, abandonment, loss of control or power, rejection, criticism, failing, looking foolish, weakness, loneliness, judgment, death etc.  Every time I face an obstacle in life, I think about these two options: I can either face it through fear or I can take it in with love. If I give the power for fear, the challenge transforms to a problem that feels overwhelming. If I give the power for love, the problem transforms to a challenge that can be overcome. It is all in my own hands as I can control my attitudes towards obstacles. It does sound a lot more simple on paper than it feels at the time of action but it is only complicated if I make it complicated. I can choose to make it all as simple as it is: there are only a power of fear and a power of love when facing obstacles and I only choose either or. By making it consciously simple for myself it is also a lot easier to make myself to choose always love.


For example, in front of a big life-changing situation such changing a career or ending an unhappy relationship I would feel afraid of unknown. I can face the change through fear and let the thoughts such what if I don’t survive alone, what if I don’t have money enough, what if I don’t succeed after all take control over my mind.  Alternatively, I can think about it through love. I succeed on what I am doing. I can only do my best and it is enough. The life is unfolding in perfect order so I have nothing to be worried about. If it doesn’t work, it was meant to go that way and there is existing a better option for me then. I surrender for the flow of my life and trust on it completely. I am on the right path and I have faith on myself.


I think that my whole life is an expression of my heart where love is a choice. It is a lifestyle and the way of seeing the world. With the help of love, I can choose to be happy at all times. Loving is caring of my and others wellbeing and health. It is kindness that radiates out as pure compassion and helping others. It is sharing my food and time with someone. It is smiling to a stranger on the street. It is recognizing someone’s importance in my life and telling it to him. It is telling myself that I am beautiful. It is ability to make complicated life situations simple. It is living mindfully through daily duties understanding that also downhills are part of the life path. It is acceptance and holding honest thoughts without judgments. It is being grateful of all that creates my reality and my life. It is forgiving myself, forgiving the others and all the experiences in past. It is forgiving my worst enemy. It is letting go everything that is not serving me anymore. It is commitment to my own decisions through self-esteem and self-respect, standing up for myself. It is ability to be reborn everyday and empower others around. It is ability to see the beauty around even on the darkest moments. It is understanding that nothing is random and everything has a meaning. It is trusting on future, others and myself. It is surrendering for the life to take me exactly where I need to be. It is hearing my strong heart beat and feel the life force flowing in my body every morning before I get out of the bed. It is breathing deep fresh air and laughing out loud of the gratitude to be alive. I am love. You are love.


As Eden Ahbez says, the greatest thing we will ever learn is to love and be loved in return. It is a fundamental law of universe that everything that I send out comes back to me. I send out fear and negativity, I receive fear and negativity. I send out love and positive thoughts, I receive love and positivity. Sending love out is the only way to cut the circle of negative energy. And so my only question is: why not only love more? It is the one thing in life that I can always do better.


With love, light and healing, Sanni












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