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August 17, 2015


“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”

― Rumi


Logical thinking is often said to be a determining factor that led humans to a point where we are now on Earth. It is amazing how our rational mind can compare things, reason, find solutions, define and discover. It is so clever that it can find both good and bad side on every single thing that we meet throughout daily life. Nevertheless, the cleverness of logical thinking leads to a remarkable problem: if it always finds both dark and sunny side of the each situation how can one ever know which one is right decision in each moment? The one that makes more sense is not a satisfying answer as it only makes sense in a specific moment. The rational mind is so trapped on feelings and thoughts in each moment that it cannot see the whole picture.


Everything that is alive pulsates with energy containing a lot of information: nature, plants, animals and a human body. It makes it easier to understand if you visualize that in addition to physical body, we also have so called energy body or energy field that surrounds us the full length of our body. This is how we are constantly in interaction with everything. We communicate with all, the universe. Being connected and open to all the possibilities and representatives in each moment make the energy body and inner voice extremely wise. Already Albert Einstein figured this out and tried to explain that “the only real valuable thing is intuition.”


How many times you have had just a feeling to do something or to go somewhere?  A gut feeling that just simply feels right. You probably have had situations where you think that you should have chosen the option that came into your mind first. How often you have either a good or a bad feeling about a person you meet or a new opportunity you get? It is your intuition that is making an effort to guide you to a right path. Very often one doesn’t listen to it but chooses rather a logical reasoning – the option that makes sense. In other words, listen to your heart is not just a worn out phrase but actual request to live intuitively, that I claim to be a lot more natural and comprehensive way to live for humans than counting completely on logical reasoning.


For example, I was traveling with someone in Costa Rica. We were about to leave to another city and we had to go on the side of the road to wait for a bus as we did not know the specific schedule. We were told that the bus runs only few times a day. Walking to the bus stop I suddenly had a strong feeling to go to visit a small tea garden that I had seen a sign to. It absolutely did not make any sense, as it was super hot, we had all our luggage to carry and we might miss the bus meanwhile. Nevertheless, we walked up the hill and found a bit sketchy garden hosted by an old Kundalini yogi. He offered us a fresh smoothie and such rewarding conversation about the world. Very soon he suggested to close his tea garden for the day and take us by his own car to a waterfall located next to a city that we were heading to. “It has to be something with energies...” I only heard him muttering. It turned out that following the intuition had not only offered us a ride for free but also an additional excursion to a waterfall with a local guide!


It is important to understand that following your intuition does not always feel right at the moment. Especially painful thoughts, anxiety or lack of logic holds you down from seeing and understanding the bigger picture and long term outcomes. Have you ever missed a train or flight or an important meeting? At the moment of realizing the situation terror spreads over your face and anger rises up. You bang your head against a brick wall feeling stupid, guilty and disappointed. But did it ever cross your mind that maybe there was a reason for it? Maybe missing the transfer or a meeting saved you from a traffic accident. Maybe you would meet someone important because of your mistake. Your rational mind cannot know because it does not see the bigger picture but your heart and intuition does.  Your heart can’t count probabilities but it has a magical ability to make exactly the right decision for you.


The complex and hectic world has done such a crucial job blocking our sensitive connection to inner voice. Just like nature, also human is always looking for harmony and balance. In order to be in balance we obviously need both logical thinking and intuition. But instead of letting the logical thinking to rule your mind and feelings, you can learn how to control it and make it to serve your heart. Even for logical mind this sounds a lot better deal, doesn’t it? Listening to your inner voice is very simple, though hardly an easy task. To be honest, when I started consciously to pay attention to my inner voice it was quite sad to realize how far away I had slipped away from my inner clarity and guidance. I observed my thoughts and the process of making decisions and I noticed how depended I was on expectations and pressure to act in a certain way in society. A decision maker was Sanni who tried to please other people around and meet the expectations trying to be successful and manage everything. I started to practice daily to reconnect with my inner voice.


Practicing to listen to the inner voice can be quite silly but at least it makes me laugh every day to myself. It is quite relieving to notice that an ability to interact with the intuition is already inside me. It has always been and it will always be. It has been helping me since I was a child even though I would not have been aware of it. You can probably count times when you have done something by accident and it has caused you positive outcome. Your good luck or coincidence has been your intuition that tries to make your life easier. I like to call it universal wisdom that lies inside all of us. I had to travel other side of the world to realize it but I can gladly tell you that only thing you need to do is to lift your gaze off the computer, close your eyes and listen. Listen carefully.


Next practices are very simple and easy exercises to become more sensitive and aware of your inner voice:


  • Ask questions. Instead of throwing a challenging question about the meaning of life to your inner voice, start from simple daily things. You have to make enormous amount of decisions every day anyway so why not using the opportunity to listen to your heart. Next time when you come across as simple question as should I eat a banana or an apple?, should I go to work by bike or by car today? or should I call to my friend now or later? close your eyes, ask the question and just simply listen. If you don’t receive any clear feeling about the answer, don’t worry but keep asking when the next opportunity rises. You become more sensitive each time. Sometimes you might judge your first feeling because it does not make any sense. Notice those thoughts and then ignore them by sticking in with your first thought.

  • Stop making lists. When you need to go to grocery store to make your food shopping or pack your luggage for a trip, trust on your intuition. In food market, close your eyes, listen what you need to collect in your basket today and follow your feet. Your body always knows a lot better what it needs at the moment than your logical mind. If the worst comes true and you forget an important ingredient, be creative and replace it with something else. Maybe you create a whole new recipe that is actually a lot better one for your body!

  • Forget maps (including GPS and Googlemaps). When you need to go somewhere, close your eyes and listen which direction feels the right one. You can start practicing this in such situations that you actually have time to get lost. Over time, you become a master in orienteering! Remember that your energy body is connected to all and it can see behind the walls.

  • Be patient, trust and surrender to your heart. If you have a bigger question or a change about to happen in your life keep asking guidance from your inner voice with patience. You can ask every morning for example: what do I need to know about it today? In big life changes your logical mind is often very strong and dominating causing anxiety about the situation. Acknowledge your thoughts and accept them but don’t let them make a decision alone. The answer will come from your heart when the time is right and you are ready to receive it.

  • Decide that you have time. If you feel that you don’t have time to do the practices, you probably constantly do too much in your life. I used to do way too much and still sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down. Overdoing only increases logical thinking and causes stress that again blocks your connection with the inner voice. A noisy mind cannot hear the sound of peace that rises within, whereas a silent mind is able to hear the whisper of your inner guidance. Give some time for your heart to breath. You are the master and the architect of your own life so simply decide that you have time.


Ever since I became more sensitive for the signs of my intuition I suddenly had “good luck” every single day. I am talking about remarkable change as also people around me noticed it. I was always at the right place at the right time receiving great benefits. What a coincidence, isn’t it? Even a word co-incidence tells us a lot right there. It is not an accident but rather two or more incidences happening at the same time for a reason. Gradually by daily practice I have become very self-confident and felt supported in life. My heart feels lighter than ever before even though at times I have not even known on which continent I would be living in two months. I trust on my heart and it is worth it - it has never left me in trouble. Even hard times have become very meaningful since I know that I have made a right decision and there is an important lesson for me to learn on facing difficulties. The river of joy has moved into me flowing with the greatest life force and joy. And I surrender over and over again.



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