Planting seeds

August 4, 2015

This is John. He is 74 years old and he is my new friend that I love. He had sent me a paper letter from Scotland telling me that he will be late from the welcome meeting of a group I lead. Shame that I never received the letter. When we first met he jumped into my lap and gave a big old squeeze filling my heart with pure joy. From that moment on, I knew we would be friends for life. For a week now I have watched him skipping on the streets dancing and singing the Queen. He has climbed Mt. Everest, ridden down the Death Road in Bolivia and traveled over 70 countries. Today, we did 48km bike ride with him exploring the hidden villages in Sweden talking about love and death, and everything between them. He does all this because he decided that he can, and it is the story of his life.


Usually when you feel sad or anxious or meet obstacles in life you feel powerless. You feel that you don’t have control over the situation and that some external power such work or other person is causing harm to you. It is certainly true that we have no control of our past. It has already happened and you can’t go back in time to fix it. It is also so that we don’t have full control of the future as it has not happened yet and circumstances always change. But instead of all this you have a lot greater power in your hands. You are 100% in control of your current thoughts and actions. With your current thought you can decide how you live your life. You can decide to forgive the past right now and you can make a change that directs your future.


One of my favorite books says “We must become as gardeners”. Your thoughts on every second are the seeds of your life that you plant in each moment. It is very easy to feel powerless under the society and all the expectations. It is very easy to say “I can’t do it, because I have to…” . But if you take a panorama photo of your current life situation and zoom it out, you will see the whole picture.  It is neither your work, tricky economical situation, disease that you are suffering of nor your relationships. It is YOU who creates the problems and obstacles in your life. And it is also you who creates love, joy and success. You are the one who made all the choices that brought you in this moment in your life. It is you who plants the seeds of future right here, on this moment, and they will flourish when the time is right. Because you are in responsible of your own seeds, it gives you all the freedom to choose your own flowers. Thus, it is quite a realization to understand that you can ALWAYS make a change. It is definitely not always easy and might not feel right at the moment but it is a lot easier than suffering from powerlessness the rest of your life. It is never too late to forgive, accept and learn how to love unconditionally, both yourself and the others. It is never too late to see the beauty around and find the balance in life. There is always an option to find happiness in daily life and receive endless amount of love. You only have to learn to see it.


John is a great gardener. He plants his seeds by sprinkling them around dancing in the flow of life. He has gone through hard times, like we all go, but he did not go to sit in a corner and put himself in a box of 74 years old who’s wife died in cancer already 15 year ago. Instead, he lives every day with love and gratitude and say “yes ” to whatever comes into his life.


So be the gardener of your own life and plant the seeds for happiness today.  Nourish them with love and light and when the time comes to enjoy the fruit of it, enjoy it with the greatest excitement and gratitude. And where to find these seeds? It is exactly what this blog is about. 



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