My roots hugging soil beneath my feet

Yet not even a single particle is lesser than me

My branches reaching up to the sky

Yet all that glorious light is already in my reach

Holding space for each breath

I look within and meet the eyes of the unchanging One

The ageless One th...


In this fleeing moment of existence I am wondering...

 What if you suddenly knew that you were to die tonight?

Would you sigh out in dullness

Or hold each moment as you would a lover?

Would you spit out inner bitterness

Or drink in the vibrant life force?

Would you count you...


Feel your sitz bones and grow tall through your spine

Drop your shoulders down and back

Melt your shoulders open 

Allow your heart center to smile wide

Relax your belly

Relax your hip

Relax your jaw

Soften your eyes

Take a deep breath

Be here

Breath in

Breath out

Inhale to uplift...


I wish to be met wholly

When you walk into my life

Maybe just for a moment

Or maybe for a lifetime


I wish you to meet me fully

Not just my personality

My deeds

My words

My appearance

I wish you to meet my eyes

My cells

My heart center

My dreams

My fears

My flaws

My womb wisdom



Dear Universe,

I am willing to give it all away
As non of it is really mine
And all of it is actually me already
So it has always been
I am sorry for trying to hold on too tight 
In those moments of fear
Like I would be scared or something 
For letting go
Like I would n...


“In a world where so much beauty surrounds us, do we have the eyes and ears to see and hear? The ability to be touched by the world, the desire to breath in our world, the willingness to open our hearts to what sources us from inside out.”

-Walter ‘Shantree’ Kacera-



Last days I found myself being extremely tired and vulnerable. I slipped away from my bright and brave self. Something was coming up. I am on a step of a huge change in my life and it has been awaking powers in me that have been suppressed until now. The other night, I...


Vagabond, in Finnish kulkuri, translates into the one that moves on, the one that walks and travels. Last years in my life I have felt like a vagabond, traveled, moved on and walked from one life situation, one country, one community to another. My horoscope sign is th...


If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. 

-William Arthur Ward

When we come into beginning of a new period, on the edge where you are required to take a big step forward, we tend to set intentions for our actions.  For example, w...


Hiking in the heart of lake district – national park located in the sacral chakra of Finland. No other people around, just late night summer sun reflecting from a still lake, river singing its song nearby and white swan family sharing the melody with me. And there, in...

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